Our Founders

Blacka Di Danca and Seiky Stephanie, the dynamic duo behind Danca Media, embody a fusion of artistic prowess and business acumen, driving the company's innovative vision forward with passion and expertise.

Blacka Di Danca, Co-founder of Danca Media, and a trailblazing force in the dance world, has left an indelible mark on over 40 countries and 100 cities, sharing his expertise and passion for dance and nurturing a global dance network under the Danca umbrella. Beyond dance, Blacka is a signed artist with a digital distribution agreement with Empire, leading his label, Danca Music Group to new heights by seamlessly integrating music into Danca Media's creative endeavors with bespoke music distributed globally. With an unparalleled understanding of both the dance and music industries, Blacka continuously redefines the intersection of art and marketing with boundless creativity and unwavering dedication.

Seiky Stephanie, Co-founder of Danca Media, brings a wealth of experience from the fashion industry, dance, fitness, and sales. Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Seiky's journey spans over a decade, collaborating with global brands such as Danca, Alpha Industries, Dimepiece LA, Cross Colors, and Von Dutch. As a seasoned dancer and fitness athlete, she infuses her passion for movement and self-expression into Danca Media's creative endeavors, ensuring that the company's campaigns resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. Seiky's expertise in sales allows Danca Media to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations, empowering the company to craft innovative campaigns that captivate and inspire.

Together, Blacka and Seiky lead Danca Media with a shared commitment to pushing boundaries, driving creativity, and making a lasting impact in the worlds of dance, music, and marketing.