Good Energy Remix Dance Campaign


Following the release of the trending Good Energy Remix music video featuring Yung Wylin, Farruko, and Maffio, Blacka Di Danca and Seiky Stephanie, the choreographers behind the electrifying visuals, took a bold step to further amplify its impact. Leveraging the power of social media, they transformed a segment of their choreography into the Good Energy Remix Dance Campaign.

This innovative campaign invited dancers and non-dancers alike from around the globe to participate by submitting, posting, and tagging videos featuring their interpretation of the choreography. The response was overwhelming, with participants enthusiastically embracing the challenge and sharing their dance videos across various social media platforms.

The campaign's grassroots momentum quickly gained traction, generating significant buzz and engagement around the music video release. The Good Energy Remix Dance Campaign not only boosted plays and visibility for the artists but also fostered a sense of community and connection among fans worldwide.

It also generated valuable user-generated content that served as authentic endorsements for the artists. As participants shared their dance videos, they effectively endorsed the Good Energy Remix, contributing to its success through their enthusiastic participation.