Bubble Up Dance Campaign

Following the release of his debut single "Bubble Up," Blacka Di Danca, co-founder of Danca Media, harnessed the power of social media to launch the innovative Bubble Up Dance Campaign.

In the first week alone, Blacka received hundreds of organic submissions from dancers and fans worldwide, which quickly grew into thousands. This overwhelming response led to the global involvement of dancers in the official "Bubble Up" music video. This campaign invited dancers and non-dancers alike to participate by submitting, posting, and tagging videos featuring their interpretation of "Bubble Up" dance moves. The viral nature of the campaign created a ripple effect, showcasing the universal appeal and infectious energy of the song and dance.

The Bubble Up Dance Campaign not only amplified the reach of Blacka's first single but also solidified its place in the global dance community, proving the effectiveness of leveraging social media to engage and inspire audiences around the world.