About Us


At Danca Media, we harness the power of immersive technologies to promote health and wellness in underserved communities. Our innovative approach ensures that everyone has access to the resources and support they need to lead healthier lives. We also advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of making food your medicine.


At Danca Media, we rewrite the rules of digital marketing by fusing the captivating power of dance with strategic branding. Our viral formula, created by Blacka Di Danca in 2011, serves as the foundation for our success. We seamlessly integrate dance into digital marketing strategies, creating dance challenges that captivate audiences worldwide. With billions of hours of playtime generated on social media through our dance campaigns, we have redefined brand marketing, leaving a lasting impact on consumers. Our track record speaks for itself, with esteemed clients like Door Dash, Red Bull, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, Rocnation, and more, hiring us to produce viral dance campaigns and recruit dancers for commercial productions. Dance moves and choreographies are more than just artistic expressions; they are potent marketing tools that leave a lasting impact on consumers. Blacka's early YouTube vitality led to meticulously planned world tours, targeting different countries and demographics worldwide where he developed his performances and honed his craft as a dancer and choreographer. It was during his tour with Collie Buddz in 2010 that Blacka's captivating dance performances and viral presence started developing his early digital popularity, leading to brand sponsorships and partnerships.

At Danca Media, our unrivaled competitive advantage lies in our direct and organic access to a vibrant global dance community, enabling brands to seamlessly engage with influencers, place products, and hire brand ambassadors who embody their values. Blacka's boundless passion for dance transcends geographical boundaries, forging a vast network of dancers through workshops, events, competitions, dance challenges, performances, music video castings, and tours spanning over 50 countries and 100 cities. Complementing this dance-driven innovation, Danca Media's Co-Founder Seiky Stephanie is armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Her in-depth knowledge and natural talents have led her to collaborate with legendary brands like Danca, Alpha Industries, Dimepiece LA, Cross Colors, and Von Dutch, stamping herself as a true fashion industry professional. Together, with Seiky's exceptional expertise in sales and marketing and Blacka's pioneering viral formula, we deliver innovative and captivating strategies that resonate with target audiences, empowering brands to achieve unparalleled success in the dynamic world of digital media and marketing.

At Danca Media, our disruptive approach to digital marketing combines creative media exposure with strategic sales initiatives through our exclusive partnership with 507 Stitches. This unique fusion incubates brands, secures direct partnerships with buyers, and drives sales, positioning them as industry trailblazers, delivering unparalleled advantages for our clients' success. What sets us apart lies in our passion for dance and its transformational impact, seamlessly integrated into marketing and sales strategies. Dance moves and choreographies serve as powerful tactics to market and sell products or services, driving traffic online and directly to retail locations. Through our dance-driven marketing strategy, brands gain visibility and attract the attention of buyers within 507 Stitches' network. Our dance campaigns not only drive brand awareness but also directly influence purchasing decisions among buyers connected to 507 Stitches. Through our innovative dance challenges and campaigns, brands leverage 507 Stitches' network to propel sales to new heights. Our deep-rooted love for dance drives us to create extraordinary campaigns that not only elevate brands but also generate tangible results in terms of sales growth and customer engagement.

Blacka's experience as the first and only dancehall choreographer partnered with Red Bull in 2016 serves as a testament to the power of dance in digital marketing and brand collaborations.

Working with a global brand like Red Bull provided the platform for him to showcase the immense potential of his viral formula and its impact on audiences worldwide. This partnership not only solidified his status as a trailblazer in the dance and creative industry but also laid the foundation for Danca Media's innovative approach to digital marketing through dance challenges. Blacka Di Danca's influence knows no borders, as his TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram popularity have led to increased sales and bookings for his brand's apparel and entertainment services globally. His extensive resume includes assistant choreographing and featuring in music videos and stage performances for renowned artists such as Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and various celebrity collaborations.

At Danca Media, we are more than just marketers; we are storytellers, shaping narratives that resonate with hearts and minds. We empower brands to leverage the unique language of dance, creating impactful commercials that leave a lasting impression. Dance moves breathe life into brands, infusing authenticity, creativity, and emotion into every campaign. Danca Media's dance campaigns can digitally market brands like the radio, generating millions of hours of playtime on social media through viral dance campaigns for Blacka's own dance moves, choreographies, and music. This impact-driven approach serves as an incubator for brands, introducing them to their direct consumers through creative campaigns and organic virality, resulting in impactful product placement and brand awareness. Blacka Di Danca's goal is to connect the dance and creative community with authentic brands, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. As highlighted by Red Bull in an article, Blacka's life and world travels have been dedicated to promoting the brand of dance and its inspiring creators. With Danca Media, we bridge the gap between passionate creators and brands seeking authentic connections, revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

At Danca Media, our strategy consultation goes beyond providing brand growth strategies; it's about incubating your brand and propelling it to new heights. We have an established network of brands we partner with, and our main goal is to elevate your brand's potential by tailoring strategies that attract partnerships. We'll teach you how to transform your brand into one worth partnering with, increasing your opportunities for brand collaborations. Our expert consultation, led by our team’s experiences in brand growth, offers unparalleled insights into branding and marketing strategies. We understand the challenges businesses face in finding the right partnerships that align with their values and goals. With us, you'll gain the knowledge and connections needed to execute and shape your brand effectively. Partnering with us opens doors to exceptional opportunities, leading you towards purposeful partnerships and exceptional growth.

Experience the groundbreaking impact of Danca Media's music jingle creation and licensing service, where the fusion of dance, viral challenges, and captivating music jingles allows your brand to forge direct connections with your audience. Our expertly crafted jingles matched perfectly to your brand's personality, and leave a memorable and lasting impression. Through our partnership with Danca Music Group, collaborate with talented artists, songwriters, and producers to develop innovative music jingles and marketing campaigns, elevating your brand's reach and creating a lifestyle extension of your identity. With access to Empire's global distribution and our captivating music catalog, including viral hits like "Buss Down" featured in ESPN's NBA playoffs and Finals, your brand gains the power to create campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience. Unleash the potential of music as your ultimate marketing tool and make an indelible mark on the world with Danca Media's music jingle services.

At Danca Media, we specialize in transforming brands into lifestyle icons. Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates your brand into the fabric of consumers' daily lives, fostering genuine emotional connections that transcend mere product consumption. Through our dynamic dance challenges and creative strategies, we craft immersive experiences that resonate deeply with your target audience. By intertwining your brand with the rhythms of their everyday existence, we create meaningful touch points that evoke joy, excitement, and a sense of belonging.

As we forge ahead, Danca Media's first brand incubation is our very own lifestyle brand, Danca.

As a dancer, choreographer, artist, and actor, Blacka Di Danca's expertise coupled alongside Seiky Stephanie's mastery of dance, fashion, marketing, and merchandising fuels the creation of Danca Lifestyle. With access to Danca's global network of dancers and our viral formula, we infuse our lifestyle brand with authenticity and creativity, offering products that resonate with our audience's passion for dance, fitness, culture, and self-expression.